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Jewelry by Design offers you real value, a huge selection, experience, personal attention and a comfortable place to shop.

You will love the cool things going on at Jewelry By Design. We've been busy redesigning and expanding your options. So, whether you want to acquire just the right piece for you or a loved one
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Jewelry gives expression to what is hard to say in words... 

So, we are excited about bringing this expression into the lives of our customers. Experiencing the impact that Jewelry can have on Real People is an exciting opportunity. 

With this privilege in mind, we are committed to understanding your needs and building a long term relationship through Honesty, Education, and Hard Work.  We hope you find that we are honoring these opportunities to care for you and that we create a sense of greater personal value in all those around us.
Jewelry has it's own special kind of Beauty, I believe the true art is in the wearing.  When it is worn the wearer makes an artistic statement about who they are.  But like All True Art the viewer brings their own reality into the interpretation.  So while one person may simply see a beautiful women wearing dazzling jewelry, another may see the young women he proposed to wearing the symbol of his commitment and yet another sees the journey of a lifetime  and the jewelry she is wearing brings back the memories of the high mountain passes.  Jewelry is amazing like that.

Of course, the value of jewelry in terms of money is important. In fact it is amazing how well protected it has been throughout this economic turmoil, but there is nothing like experiencing the impact that Jewelry can have on Real People first hand.

Your Jewelry is worth more than ever!

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Following our tradition of always providing you with the highest values possible, Jewelry By Design is paying Amazing Prices—more than twice what some of our competitors are paying.

Now is the time to sell

Precious metals reached record-setting prices this last year, with gold valued at over $1000 per ounce and platinum going for over $2000 per ounce. But they have fallen. Now gold is now in the $800 per ounce range and platinum is in the $900 per ounce range.

Take advantage while you can and get the most for your gold, platinum, and old jewelry. 

Get Cash or the perfect piece of

You can trade for something new like our stunning Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry. We also offer consignment, or can redesign your old jewelry into beautiful new custom pieces. We'll help you decide what's the best for your situation at no charge.

Come in soon before Metal Prices fall even more! No appointment needed.